Most beautiful wine routes through Alsace, Northern France | To enjoy (2023)

The Wine Route through Alsace is one of the most popular wine routes in Europe and with a length of 170 km, it is fun to travel by car, camper or bicycle. Moreover, there are many nice villages along this wine route through Alsace. These wine routes are located in Northern France, so you can get there from the Netherlands in no time! We have mapped out these Alsace wine routes for you and will take you past the most beautiful villages with various fun things to do. Also if you wantwalking in France, these are beautiful hiking trails.

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Table of contents

  1. Wine route through Alsace, 170 kilometers
  2. Strasbourg
  3. Obernai
  4. Mittelbergheim
  5. Andlau
  6. Bergheim
  7. Ribeauville
  8. Hunawihr
  9. Riquewihr
  10. Kayserberg
  11. Colmar
  12. Eguisheim
  13. Mulhouse

Wine route through Alsace, 170 kilometers

The Wine Route through Alsace itself is 170km and crosses the departments of Bas Rhin and Haut Rhin. The route runs from north to south on the east side of the Vosges mountain range. In addition, the route runs from Marlenheim to Than, passing many authentic villages and more than 15,000 hectares of vineyards along the way. All in all, a beautiful area to traverse in a few days and enjoy all the beauty that can be discovered here. Below the route we travel explained from point to point in the chapters below. We recommend that you also go for a walk during this wine tour. Because walking in France is and remains special.

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Strasbourg is fun in all seasons! The city is known for its cozy Christmas markets in the winter and comes alive in the other months because of the beautiful authentic sights. Zo is a nice neighborhood to visitLittle France. It is an authentic neighborhood where it is full of flora and where you can take a nice boat trip, among other things.

Another wonderful landmark in the city is definitely thecathedral. When you get closer, the cathedral even looks a little pink and that's right! The church is made of pink sandstone, which sometimes gives it a pink glow. But the cathedral is also beautiful to see inside. When you pay a bit you can also go to the tower of the cathedral. From here you have a beautiful view.

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The next town of Obernai is 25 km away and is one of the most famous places on the route. It is a city with a beautiful medieval center full of half-timbered houses and surrounded by a beautiful city wall. If you are in town on a Thursday then you must visit themarketof the city. The market has been on the market square since 1301 and is one of the largest markets in the region.


Mittelbergheim is located at the foot of the Sainte-Odile with which the village is located in a beautiful environment. Mittelbergheim is therefore a real wine town because of the many vineyards in the area. According to sources, it was the Romans who once started this. The most cultivated grape here is the famous Sylvaner grape.

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Andlau is such a typical French village that was once developed around theabbey. The town is definitely worth a visit during this wine route through Alsace. This, the abbey, is also the main attraction of the village. According to legend, the site of the abbey was once pointed out by a bear and her cubs. They dug a hole here, after which this was the site of the abbey.

Another recommendation is tocastle ruinsto visit. From the center it is a short 40 minute walk to the castles, but it is definitely worth it. You start the walk in the center after which you enter the beautiful surroundings. The ruins are on top of a hill where you also have a magnificent view. During your wine route through Alsace you must have visited Andlau.

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When you see Bergheim, you will immediately notice the walls and 10 towers. It is therefore a typical medieval village full of beautiful houses from the Renaissance. Nice to have during your wine route

It is a special attractionwitch mueum. Between 1582 and 1683, this was the site where more than 40 witches were burned in witch trials. Witches were accused of having an association with the devil. Often they were accused of strange events where a perpetrator was sought.

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Ribeauvillé is often seen as the jewel of the area. This village is also located between the vineyards and if they are known for something then it is the delicious pinot noir from this area.

The city center consists of many historical buildings. It is the most beautiful street in the cityHigh Street. Here you will find the most beautiful buildings in the city and is also a pleasant shopping street.

Another activity that you absolutely must do is the walk to theCastle St. Ulrich. From the center it is about a 3 km walk to the castle at an altitude of about 500 meters. When you are here you can also visit two other castle ruins namely Chateau du Girsberg and Chateau du Haut-Ribeaupierre.

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Hunawihr is a small French village with only a few hundred inhabitants. Actually, the two highlights of the village are animal related. Namely the bird park Center de Réintroduction where you can see beautiful storks and the butterfly garden Jardins.

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It is actually a miracle that the village of Riquewihr is still so beautiful. The village has had quite a few wars, but that is not noticeable when you walk in the city center. Beautiful narrow streets form the image of the city where the most beautiful half-timbered houses are located.Charles de Gaulle Streetis the main street of the city where you will also find the beautiful entrance gate. Above this gate is the tower of the city, which you absolutely must see.

It is also very nice to travel from Riquewihr to awijntourto do. This should of course not be missed during your Wine Route through Alsace. The village is located between the hills of the Vosges where beautiful vineyards are located. Take a walk through the walking path of the vineyards to get an impression of how beautiful it is here.

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Just like Riquewihr, Kaysersberg is a beautiful village to visit, but a lot less busy and touristy. You will also find beautiful half-timbered houses in different colors here. The village was once created as a transition from the Vosges to the flat country and this village also originated in the Middle Ages.

The main attractions here are the church, but also the bridge that dates back to the 16th century. From here you have a beautiful view over the river that runs through the city. You will also find the ruins of the old castle of the city outside the city. This was once the start of the village, but now only the remains can be found.


The origins of Colmar date back to the 15th or 16th century. A visit to this city is really a step back in time. This village was once the inspiration for the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast!

As far as I'm concernedLittle Venicethe most beautiful place in town. Along the canal are all kinds of half-timbered houses, each with their own kalar. You can imagine that boats used to sail here to collect goods from the houses. Now you can do a beautiful cruise here.

Another landmark of the city is the churchSaint-Martin. Originally the church dates from 1366, but due to several fires there has been a lot of renovation. For example, the tower was once more beautiful than the newer ones, but still beautiful to see. If you appreciate the church, you should also visit the former residence of the pastor.Protestant Presbyteryis a beautiful house with turret as you normally only sit in movies.

Another building that has been beautifully restored isPfister House.It dates from 1537 and is truly one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings. The combination of the wooden front house with spiral staircase and the stone architecture behind it makes the building unique.

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Another cozy village along the Wine Route through Alsace is Eguisheim. It is located south of Colmar and is built around the town's castle. If you look at the city from above you will see how beautifully the core is built in a circle. This makes the village really unique compared to many other villages in this region. Fun is therefore through about theRue des Rempartsto walk. This is the main street that also runs around.

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We end our ride in the popular town of Mulhouse. It is the second largest city in Alsace and has a beautiful historic center. The most beautiful part is the squareReunion Square. Here you will find beautiful medieval houses andchurch of Saint Etienne. A beautiful Gothic church which looks impressive on the outside because of all the beautiful details.

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But the most striking thing about this city is the history in cars and trains. Here you have the museum of railways and the museum of old cars. Both are highly recommended and recommended by many tourists around the world

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Do you have any nice villages on the Alsace wine route? Let us know below!


Most beautiful wine routes through Alsace, Northern France | To enjoy? ›

For the best experience, plan to spend at least 3 days on the Alsace wine route. This gives you enough time to day trip to the towns, dine on the Alsatian food, go on wine tastings, and truly experience this region. During our visit, we typically visited four towns per day.

How many days do you need for Alsace Wine Route? ›

For the best experience, plan to spend at least 3 days on the Alsace wine route. This gives you enough time to day trip to the towns, dine on the Alsatian food, go on wine tastings, and truly experience this region. During our visit, we typically visited four towns per day.

What is the most beautiful village in Alsace France? ›

The 9 most beautiful villages to visit in Alsace, France
  • 📍 Riquewihr. ...
  • 📍 Ribeauvillé ...
  • 📍Kaysersberg. ...
  • 📍 Colmar. ...
  • 📍 Bergheim. ...
  • 📍 Saint Hyppolite. ...
  • 📍 Obernai. After Strasbourg, Obernai is the most visited town on the lower Rhine. ...
  • 📍 Turckheim. Like Obernai, there will be lists that include it as one of the most beautiful.

Is it easy to drive the Alsace Wine Route? ›

Curving back roads link the smaller villages along the Alsace wine route, which means it is easy to visit many of them on a day trip, although Strasbourg and Colmar are worth more time and are more directly linked on the A35, if you're driving.

What are the 4 wonders of Alsace? ›

You'll visit the “four wonders of the Alsace”: Eguisheim, Kayserberg, Ribeauvillé, and Riquewihr—all postcard-perfect medieval villages. As you go, pass by local vineyards, and even stop for a wine tasting of the region's top varietals.

What is the best period to visit Alsace? ›

From April to June, spring in Alsace is beautiful. Nature is reborn, the villages are blooming, the vines are green again and it is not too hot. An ideal time to come to Alsace because you can enjoy all the activities that the region offers.

What is the best time to visit Alsace? ›

The end of September is the best time to visit the Alsace for many reasons. The beautiful weather you will get at the end of the summer, the quieter areas during being out of peak season for the tourists and the best reason of all… it is wine festival time!

What is possibly the most famous village in the Alsace region? ›

Colmar is probably the most famous of the Alsace villages. It has some of the details of Strasbourg while maintaining some of the village charm. Colmar offers a lot of hotels at various amenity levels and price points.

Is Alsace more French or German? ›

Although Alsace is part of France, its borders have not always been clear. The region has been passed between French and German control several times since 1681, when Strasbourg was conquered by French forces. As a result, Alsatian culture is a unique mix of French and German influences.

How many days do you need in Colmar? ›

If you are staying in Colmar as a home base and want to explore other towns in the Alsace region, I would recommend 3 – 5 days. If you are staying somewhere else in the Alsace region and just want to do a quick trip to Colmar, France, you could totally do it as a day trip. Just know that it will be a little bit rushed.

Can you walk the Alsace wine route? ›

The route is a collection of trails, walking paths and rural roads that run through the Alsace-Lorraine region from Thann in the south to Strasbourg in the north. It is filled with terraced slopes criss crossed with abundant vineyards and dotted with traditional Alsacien towns.

How many wineries should you visit in a day in Sonoma? ›

Plan to visit a maximum of three California wineries in a day–many wineries are only open for tastings from 11AM to 5PM, and you should plan for each tasting to take at least an hour (or more if you are touring the winery and vineyards).

How long should you spend at each winery? ›

While it depends on the winery, you can expect a tasting to last about 30-45 minutes. This means that you can easily make a day of it and visit 3-4 wineries to enjoy the different experiences and flavors at each location.


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