Order your Alsatian sauerkraut (2023)

Did you say sauerkraut? You are in the right place ! Let yourself be tempted by our artisanal sauerkraut, the cream of Alsatian specialities. Whether you prefer raw or cooked sauerkraut, garnished or to compose according to your desires, our preparations are always concocted with love and respect for tradition. So, ready to taste happiness?

History of sauerkraut

Ah, sauerkraut… This traditional Alsatian dish has not finished pleasing gourmands and gourmets!. But did you know that its history dates back to Antiquity! Yes, in the 3rd century BC, at that time Huns workers (people of Central Asia) worked on the Great Wall of China, an isolated monument in the mountains far from all dwellings and therefore from food. To feed them, we discovered the technique of fermenting cabbage, which made it possible to keep it for a very long time.

Then the conquests little by little towards the west of Asian peoples will make discover the fermentation of cabbage in Austria, in Bavaria. In the Middle Ages, the Germans introduced this technique to Alsace and this is how sauerkraut became the undisputed star of Alsatian cuisine!

But initially sauerkraut was eaten with fish caught in the Rhine. Salmon and many other freshwater fish were abundant in the river. Much later appeared the version with saltwater fish.

Today the sauerkraut of Alsace Saveurs accompanied by sausages, kassler, collar, smoked blade, bacon, ham, … and potatoes is much more popular!

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Virtues and benefits of lacto-fermented cabbage

Due to its fermentation, sauerkraut is particularly rich in vitamin C, B, K, … magnesium, iron and calcium. This particular vegetable is low in calories and high in fiber; vegetable probiotic food that effectively protects the stomach and has the power to regulate and rebalance the intestinal flora for better transit.

At all times and in many countries, medicine has recommended the consumption of raw sauerkraut to strengthen the immune system and fight inflammatory diseases.

It would take a long time here to list all the beneficial properties for health… we invite you to type “virtues of raw sauerkraut” in the Google search bar or others to learn much more about this magic vegetable.

Wikipedia, on sauerkraut writes: On the advice of the British Admiralty in the 18th century James Cook embarked sauerkraut for his second long expedition. The sailors had a daily ration of raw sauerkraut… and there were no deaths from scurvy in the crew!. You too, even if you don't go to sea, preserve your health capital and cultivate your well-being!

Sauerkraut, the soul of culture – Alsatian gastronomy

Sauerkraut is not just about cabbage and sausages! In Alsace, this dish is synonymous with conviviality and sharing, values ​​dear to this beautiful region. We get together as a family around a generous sauerkraut, we toast with a glass of Riesling and we laugh out loud. Ah, sauerkraut is a whole art of living!

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And then, sauerkraut is also a precious culinary heritage that is passed down from generation to generation. Granny's secret recipes are jealously guarded and passed on to grandchildren, who in turn will share them with their own children. A real ancestral know-how that is the pride of Alsatians!

Ingredients and traditional recipe

Do you want to start preparing a traditional Alsatian sauerkraut? So, get out the aprons, we reveal all the secrets of this tasty dish! For 4 to 6 people, you need raw sauerkraut (1.5 to 2 kg), and a choice of smoked blade, ham, kassler, collar, smoked bacon, semi-salted bacon, sausages smoked, knacks and potatoes. An onion, two cloves of garlic, a bay leaf, a clove, a little lard, salt and pepper. Of course, these ingredients can be adjusted according to your tastes and the number of guests.

To prepare your sauerkraut, start by browning the onion and garlic in the lard. Then add the raw sauerkraut. Stir in bay leaf and cloves. Wet with a little water, wine or beer and simmer over low heat for 1 to 2 hours depending on whether you prefer it slightly crunchy or well cooked.

Meanwhile, cook the filling separately. All cooking times are mentioned on each product page of our site as well as in the 28-page brochure incorporated in each package. Cook the potatoes in their jackets. Once cooked, cut the meat and arrange everything in a large dish. Here, your sauerkraut is ready to be tasted! Serve it with mustard and a good white wine from Alsace, such as a Riesling.

The different sauerkraut recipes: there's something for everyone!

Sauerkraut is far from monotonous! It comes in several variations to satisfy all taste buds. Here are some of the most popular recipes:

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Garnished sauerkraut is the big star of sauerkraut! Composed of lacto-fermented cabbage, various meats and charcuterie, and potatoes, this generous and comforting dish will delight lovers of traditional cuisine.

Sea sauerkraut

Desire to escape ? The sauerkraut of the sea is made for you! With its lacto-fermented cabbage, fish such as smoked haddock, salmon, and white fish: zander, monkfish,… even shellfish and crustaceans, this revisited version of the traditional dish brings an iodized touch that feels good!

vegetarian sauerkraut

Vegetarians are not left out with vegetarian sauerkraut! Meats and charcuterie are replaced by vegetables (carrots, turnips) and vegetable proteins (soy sausages, tofu, seitan). A lighter version but just as tasty!

Sauerkraut In Beer

Lovers of beer and rustic flavors, this recipe is for you! Typical of the Saar region, on the border between France and Germany, this sauerkraut is cooked with beer to give it a unique flavor.

royal sauerkraut

For special occasions and refined dinners, opt for royal sauerkraut! This more sophisticated recipe includes foie gras, scallops, slices of smoked salmon and champagne. A real treat !

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Sauerkraut with fish

A variant of sauerkraut from the sea which includes river fish that are easily found in Alsace: trout and pike-perch. Add spices and herbs to give sauerkraut a rich, complex flavor. Ideal for vegetarians.

Feel free to customize these recipes according to your tastes and culinary preferences. After all, sauerkraut is a friendly and customizable dish!

Tips for preparing our sauerkraut

Our artisanal sauerkrauts, depending on whether they are raw or already cooked, can be prepared in different ways.

Filled sauerkraut pockets ready to be reheated

The bain-marie is a gentle reheating method that preserves the flavors and nutritional qualities of the ingredients. To prepare your sauerkraut in a bain-marie, heat some water in a large saucepan. Once the water is hot, immerse your vacuum pouch directly and let it warm up over low heat. Be careful not to confuse it with the bain-marie, Marie-Antoinette's famous swimming pool!

Cooked cabbage, cooked meats and bacon, sausages

Take a large Dutch oven or a pot and immerse the different products in the simmering water as you go, depending on their volume, with their vacuum pouch. Put the knacks at the very end for 5 to 10 minutes in water that no longer boils, otherwise they will burst!. This method is ideal for purists and lovers of authentic flavors.

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