What Does The Electron Cloud Model Describe? (2023)

Biology High School


Answer 1

The electron model most likely describes the locations of electrons sin atom.

Answer 2

The Locations Of The Electrons In The Atom.

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Identify the function that models ignoring air resistance a ball being thrown in the air with an initial velocity of 70 ft/s from a height of 5 feet


Ignoring air resistance means putting variables in a controlled set-up where air is not present. This is known as a vacuum in Science. Regardless if the ball had initial velocity of 70 ft/s from a height of 5 feet, its kinetic energy as it falls to ground would be constant. This is known as the Earth's Gravity and Newton measured this that all objects fall at a rate of 9 meter per second squared.


The required function is .


It is given that the ball being thrown in the air with an initial velocity of 70 ft/s and from a height of 5 feet. It means

Initial velocity = 70 ft/s

Initial height = 5 feet

The general function that approximate the height in feet of a projectile on the earth after time t is

.... (1)

Where, v₀ is initial velocity and h₀ is initial height.

Substitute and in equation (1).

Therefore, the required function is .

Explain how early Earth's atmosphere shifted from anaerobic to aerobic.


The bacteria that is mixed out of oxygen, at the end of photosynthesis, and that oxygen gas start assembling the atmosphere.

When it is summer in Sydney, Australia what season is it in Montreal, Canada? Explain your reasoning.


It would be winter in Canada when it is summer in Australia. First off, they are on opposite sides of the world -- Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the earth is tilted to the sun, which of course would cause the hot weather. Canada is in the northern hemisphere, which is opposite and further away from the sun.

It is winter in Montreal when it is summer in Sydney. This is because when the southern hemisphere, where Sydney is located, is tilted toward the Sun, the northern hemisphere, where Montreal is located, is tilted away from the Sun.

Gasoline in a storage tank is A kinetic energy B potential energy or C both forms of energy


B potential energy because it is staying in one place so that means that it has potential to be something, so therefore it is potential energy.

A skier at the top of the mountain is A kinetic energy B potential energy or C both forms of energy


B Potential energy! Hope it helps :)

Seagrasses are flowering plants which grow in the photic zones of marine environments. Which factor would be a biotic limiting factor for seagrass growth? Density of animal population
Concentration of dissolved nutrients


Answer: Density of animal population


The seagrasses are the photosynthesizing plants that grows in the photic zone as well as these are anchored by the mud or sand as they can be grown in the submerged condition. Most of these species undergoes pollination and complete their life cycle underwater. The biotic limiting factor can be define as the factor which limits the growth and abundance of the population of the species. This limiting factor is the biological agent like plant, animal or insect. In the given situation the density of animal population is the suitable option.

Density of the animal population Animal population is the only biotic or living factor. Grazing by herbivores, like sea turtles, will affect seagrass populations. Too many herbivores, not enough segrass.

Which statement is true? Lipids are a type of fat.
Fats are a type of lipid.
Fats and lipids are separate and unrelated substances.
All lipids are fats, and all fats are lipids.



The correct answer would be Fats are a type of lipid.

Fats are sub-types of lipids which are generally made up of fatty acid chains and glycerol. Other types of lipids are phospholipids, glycerophospholipids, sphingolipids, sterol lipids et cetera.

Fatty acids are the long aliphatic chains with carboxylic acid at one end. These chains can be saturated as well as unsaturated.

Glycerol is a polyol compound which is odorless and colorless in nature.

Fatty acid chains are attached to the glycerol with the help of ester bonds.

Most common type of glycerides are triglyceride in which three fatty acid chains are attached to the three OH groups of the glycerol (three chains per molecule).

If you are doing edginuity. *Fats are a type of lipid*.

Free earlobes hang below the point where the ear lobe attaches to the head. Attached earlobes do not hang, but are attached to the head. The gene for free earlobes is dominant (F), while the gene for attached earlobes is recessive (f). Both of Ashley’s parents have free earlobes but also carry a recessive gene for attached earlobes. Ashley has attached earlobes, so she must have A)one dominant gene for free earlobes. B)two dominant genes for free earlobes. C)one recessive gene for attached earlobes. D)two recessive genes for attached earlobes


Answer: Two recessive genes for attached earlobes.

Explanation :

Since both of Ashley's parents have free earlobes but carry a recessive gene as well, they must be heterozygotes and hence their genotype would be Ff.

When they mate the cross would be as follows :

Ff X Ff----> FF Ff Ff ff

The phenotype of

1. FF and Ff ---> Free earlobes

2. ff ---> attached earlobes

Since Ashley has attached earlobes, her genotype must be ff this implies that she has two recessive genes for attached earlobes.

D. Two recessive genes

Consider the new definition of life. If you were to argue that a virus or a single mitochondria were, in fact, alive based on this definition, you would be ignoring the main tenet of? can someone answer that for me please i said the word please


A cell theory.

Since cells are the basic unit of structure in all organisms and also the basic unit of reproduction.

Consider the new definition of life. if you were to argue that a virus or a single mitochondria were, in fact, alive based on this definition, you would be ignoring the main tenet of a.cell theory.
d.natural selection.



a.cell theory.


The new definition of life states that, life is a condition given to those who were born and who have not yet died. According to this definition, if we claim that a virus or a mitochondria is, in fact, alive, we would be violating the concepts of cell theory.

This is because cell theory states that cells are the basic and mandatory unit of all living beings. A virus and a mitochondria have no cells, however they are born and can die. For this reason, if we adopted the definition of life, we would end up breaking the rules of cell theory.

A.) Cell theory.

Since cells are the basic unit of structure in all organisms and also the basic unit of reproduction.

What do insulin and glucagon have in common?


They are both hormones that help your blood sugar

Glucagon and Insulin are both hormones that regulate blood sugar levels and they are both produced by the pancreas.

When sugar levels in the blood are high the pancreas secretes insulin from its beta cells and releases it into the blood stream. Insulin causes the red blood cells, fat cells and muscle cells to absorb sugarfrom the blood .

When sugar levels are low, the pancreas secrets glucagon from its alpha cells which stimulates the liver to release the glucose that is stored in its cells.

Thus these two hormones work in the body to keep sugar levels balanced.

Which of the following groups of animals rely on sensory cells rather than sensory tissues and organs? cephalopods


The answer is tunicates

How does mutations result in genetic variation?


random mating, random fertilization, and recombination between homologous chromosomes during meiosis

Transcription results in complementary strands of mrna whereas translation results in?


Transcription creates complementary strands of mRNA. This is basically copying a portion of the DNA molecule. Translation is then used to synthesize proteins. After the mRNA is 'copied' it is read by enzymes and the protein that is encoded in its nucleotide sequence is then synthesized.





Migraine Study Results The table shows the results of a study testing the effectiveness of a migraine medication. Why was one group given a sugar tablet?
A.to include a control group
B.to have an experimental group
C.to provide a variety of treatments
D.to give the body additional nutrients


Don't trust me on this one, but i'll say d.

I'm pretty sure the answer you're looking for is B. An experimental group in a scientific experiment is the group that the experiment procedure is performed on. The independent variable is changed for the group and the response or change in the dependent variable is recorded.

__are constructed from amino acids, A)fats
Some of these are only available to our bodies if the are infested as
B) air


Proteins are composed by amino acids

proteins and food. hope this helps

Sweetened foods often contain simple A)proteins
B) lipids
And are known as..
B) polysaccharides
C) phospholipids


the answer is C sugars, A ,monosaccharides

Answer: first is C seceoned is A

Explanation: right on edge 2020

Many types of sea stars eat mussels and other shellfish. Suppose an oil spill causes thousands of mussels in an area to die. How will this most likely affect the area's sea star population?


It will decrease because the amount of food decreased.

A __________ uses seismometers to measure shear waves (S waves) caused by earthquakes. meteorologist geologist gemologist chemist



Geologists is the answer!!!!!

Which area is affected by global warming? A. Area 1: the chemical balance changes in lakes, rivers, and streams B. Area 2: a layer of haze forms near the ground and affects human health C. Area 3: carbon dioxide and water trap heat energy D. Area 4: more UV light reaches the Earth causing damage to organisms


C. Area 3: carbon dioxide and water trap heat energy

Area 3: Carbon dioxide and water vapor trap heat energy

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