Which Gas Is Used By Divers And Why (2023)

Chemistry Middle School


Answer 1

What they breathe is compressed air. Yes normal air that every one breathes. This is compressed to 200bar and can last for approx. half an hour depending on the diver. What is exhaled is is also the same, namely carbon dioxide.
Sometimes divers mix gases to different ratios to give themselves longer dive times. This is called 'Ni-trox', which means ( Nitrogen/ Oxygen mixture). The gases exhaled are slightly different.

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Anne brought a 1 L bottle of vinegar from home to use in an experiment on volcanoes in science class. she poured the contents of the bottle into a large beaker and carefully measured it. she was surprised to find that the vinegar's measured volume was actually 1.02 L. Anne thought the bottle contained exactly 1 L of vinegar. what possible explanation can you think of for the difference? please help me!!!


Maybe it is the difference between the accuracy of the measuerment method. And every measurement method will have the error. So there will be different result when using different measurement method.

A bar of pure gold is made up of identical gold atom. can it be a molecular compound?


No it can't. To be a molecular compound it shouldcontains at least two different elements. As it is made up of only gold (Au) atoms it violates the above requirement.

What does C12 H22 O11 phSO mean


Those are basically molecular formula. Which is Table sugar or cane sugar. Generally called sucrose.

Is vinegar an element, compound or mixture?


Vinegar is a mixture of Ethanoic acid and water(and maybe dye).

It is a mixture, not a compound nor an element.

What is sky solid liquid or gas??


Gas, the atmosphere is 76% Nitrogen, 21% Oxegyn, and 3% other gases.

The air in the sky and the clouds are gas

What makes some elements more reactive than others? Compare and contrast group 1 and group 8?


In group 1
There is more electrons that are free on the outer most shell This means it can attach to another .. whereas the electrons on the atomic structure of group 8 elements they have a full outer most shell meaning there are no free electrons roaming away

The group 1 is called the alkali metal and they are highly reactive because they only have one electron in the outer shell and they want to attachto another element and they explode and compared to group 8 which only have 8 electrons in the outer shell they are not very reactive so they don't react as much as group one because they don't want to give away theirelectrons to another element

Why does adding salt to water make it boil faster in simple terms


Adding salt to water makes it boil faster because..
if you look at the heat capacity ofsalt water,you'll see it's less than pure water.
basically, it takes less energy to raise the temperature of the salt water 1 degree Celcius than pure water. this means the saltwater heats up faster and gets to its boiling point first

Which of these is a biotic factor of an aquarium ecosystem? A:algae growing on the glass
B:gravel on the bottom of the aquarium
C:temperature of the water
D:amount of oxygen in the water


To solve this we must be knowing each and every concept related to ecosystem. Therefore, the correct option is option A that is algae growing on the glass.

What is ecosystem?

An ecosystem is created by how all living things interact with one another, with the chemical and physical components of their surroundings, and with each other through the movement of energy.

It includes every living item in a certain location along with their nonliving surroundings including air, water, and sunshine. Ecosystems provide for the basic necessities of humans. By supplying us with fresh food and clean water, ecosystems keep us alive.

They supply the basic ingredients we need to meet our demands for food, water, housing, clothes, and transportation. Algae growing on the glass is a biotic factor of an aquarium ecosystem.

Therefore, the correct option is option A.

To know more about ecosystem, here: brainly.com/question/29775110


I would say A) ALGAE because gravel is abiotic and so is gravel and oxygen and temperature

1.Salts consist of atomic particles that have an (blank) charge. fill in the blank
2. The metallic atoms have a positive charge, while the nonmetallic atoms have a (blank) charge.


The nonmetal elements have a negative charge.

Differences and similarities between Clastic, Chemical, and Organic sedimentary rock.



Clastic sedimentary rocks- When the source rocks are weathered, it breaks down into smaller particles. These broken fragments are transported from one place to another with the help of agents such as wind, water and ice. These sediments are then accumulated at another place, and after compaction and lithification, it forms clastic sedimentary rocks. The 'clast' here means the broken rock fragments. For example, Conglomerate.

Chemical sedimentary rocks- these are sedimentary rocks that are formed from the deposition of the minerals that are commonly precipitated from water or other solution. For example, Rock salt.

Organic sedimentary rock- These are sedimentary rocks that are formed from the accumulation of organic matters such as the remains of fossilized flora and fauna, which are compacted with other sediments and eventually forms this organic sedimentary rocks. For example, Oolitic limestone.

These 3 types of rocks differ from one another in terms of their composition, but they all form by the same process i.e. the compaction and lithification of sediments.

Clastic are made from small pieces of other rocks, sedimentary rocks.
Chemical are formed when minerals becomes undersaturated, precipitate forming a limestone.
organic sedimentary rock are made of fossils

What is a key element found in CO2 and glucose?


Carbon is the only possible solution in this question for the reason that the chemical formula for glucose is c6h12o6 (6, 12 and 6 underscore) and carbon dioxide is co2. Both of the chemical formula contains carbon that is why that is the main element.

Yes, CARBON is the correct answer

On the periodic table how many periods are there and how many columns are there


There are seven periods with eighteen columns in the periodic table.

What does FE stand for in the Periodic Table of Elements?


FE in the periodic table, stands for iron

It stabds for Iron.

Name two parts of the water cycle in which contaminants can be introduced.


To solve this we must be knowing each and every concept related to water cycle. Therefore, ground water and rain water are the two parts of the water cycle in which contaminants can be introduced.

What is water cycle?

The water cycle is also known as the hydrologic cycle. Water flows continuously through this cycle inside the Earth-atmosphere system. The five main stages of the water cycle—evaporation, transpiration, precipitation, condensation, and runoff—are the most important.

Evaporation is among the most important phases of the water cycle since it involves the transition of water from either the Earth's surface into the atmosphere. Ground water and rain water are the two parts of the water cycle in which contaminants can be introduced.

Therefore, ground water and rain water are the two parts of the water cycle in which contaminants can be introduced.

To know more about water cycle, here:



Ground water and rain water I belive

True? or False? The genetic code is determined by the sizes of the nitrogen bases


The answer is true you can say that.

Yup The answer is True!

explain why lighting a sparkler is considered a spontaneous reaction even though it doesn't stat start spontaneously


Lighting a sparkler is considered a spontaneous reaction even though itdoesn't start spontaneouslybecause it canoccurby itself,orwithout the influence of any external forces once it is given the necessary energy needed for it to begin the reaction.
The lightingof a sparkler is a commonexample of a spontaneous reactionwhich isoften given in Science textbooks and exams around the world.

if there are 14 chromosomes in pea plant cells,how many chromosomes are present in a sex cell of a pea plant?


If there are 14 chromosomes in pea plant cells, there are 7 chromosomes present in a gamete cell of a pea plant.

What are chromosomes?

Chromosomes are thread like structure which are present in pair.

The chromosomes contain re genes and characters of the person.

The process of meiosis, result in half of chromosome in the daughter cells.

Thus, there would be 7 chromosomes present.

Learn more about chromosomes


There would be 7- this would be the process of meiosis, which would result in 4 haploid cells (each would have half the number of chromosomes as the parent (or 7), as meiosis is sex cell division) the other type of cell division is called mitosis and results in two daughter cells identical to the parent cell (2 cells, each with 14 chromosomes)

1.the current atomic model would be revised if? A.)better microscopes were being used to study its structure
B.) better microscopes are invented in the future
C.) new information about an atom's structure is discovered.
D.) a new element is discovered in the future


The answer is C. If new information about an atom's structure was discovered, the current atomic model would be changed in some way.

A.)better microscopes were being used to study its structure

explain how a grain of sand that wash up on a beach could end up some day as lava pouring from a volcano?


The grain would have to be subducted into a plate boundary so that means maybe it got washed away from the storm of waves. Then it would end up in a oceanic trench.The sand grain and all of the other particles get buried and pulled deeper and deeper. They become metamorphosed and then, as the temperatures continue to rise, they finally melt. That melt is called magma and is lighter than the surrounding rocks because it is liquid. That magma can make its way to the surface to create a volcanic eruption!

1) is water condensing a into liquid water a physical change or a chemical change? 2)what is the difference between dependent and independent variables when conducting an experiment?


1.) Water melting from a solid is cosidered a physical change. Because it dosnt change any chemical compounds.

2.)Variables used in an experiment or modelling can be divided into three types: "dependent variable", "independent variable", or other. The "dependent variable" represents the output or effect, or is tested to see if it is the effect. The "independent variables" represent the inputs or causes, or are tested to see if they are the cause. Other variables may also be observed for various reasons.

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