Which Of These Options Represents The Correct Flow Of Events During Meiosis II? Sister Chromatids Pulled (2023)

Biology High School


Answer 1


Sister chromatids pulled to opposite poles, nucleoli form, cytokinesis


Meiosis is a kind of cell division resulting in the production of daughter cells with each having its chromosome number reduced by half. Meiosis is typically used during gamete formation only. Hence, there is need for the chromosome number to be reduced. Due to this, two rounds of division viz: meiosis I and II occurs.

Meiosis, like Mitosis, also involves stages including Prophase, Metaphase Anaphase and Telophase in that order. In meiosis I, homologous chromosomes separate while in meiosis II, sister chromatids separate.

Looking intensely at meiosis II since it's our primary focus for the question, meiosis II involves the following starting from the characteristics of the Anaphase stage.

- Sister chromatids separate to opposite poles in Anaphase II

- The nuclear envelope including nucleoli that disintegrated during Metaphase reforms during Telophase

- The division of the cytoplasmic content the cell occurs during CYTOKINESIS.

That is, Anaphase-----Telophase-------Cytokinesis

Answer 2

The correct answer is A.) Sister chromatids pulled to opposite pole, nucleoli form, cytokinesis.

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For each of the following scenarios, state the type of inheritance (20 points) and explain how you are able to discern this information (40 points). In addition, for each scenario, choose one other type of inheritance and explain why it does not apply (40 points). For example, if you have determined that a scenario falls under incomplete dominance, explain why it would not be co-dominance or complete dominance. All scenarios are imaginary, but based on the actual patterns of inheritance. 1)A blue alien and a green alien mate and produce 1,000 offspring that are all blue. Another alien couple who share the same genotyope and phenotype as the first couple also mate and produce 1,000 offspring, all of which are blue. Males and females from the two matings then mate with one another. Matings between the blue offspring produce 75% blue and 25% green offspring. 2)Fur length in the fuzzy wuzzy can be short, long or short-long. Short-long is marked by a pattern of alternating short and long strands of fur over the surface of the fuzzy wuzzy. Two short fuzzy wuzzies mate and produce all short fuzzy wuzzies. Two long fuzzy wuzzies mate and produce all long fuzzy wuzzies. Two short-longs mate and produce some shorts, some longs and some short-longs. 3)All Crayolians have ten hands with two fingers on each hand. In addition, all the fingers on each Crayolian are the same color, either red, white or pink. A pink-handed Crayolian mates with a white-handed Crayolian. Their offspring are 50% pink handed and 50% white handed.


One would have the recessive gene, but when mixed, they mixed the gene causing the 50%
Well, obviously the blue color of the Alien is dominant, because when the green and blue aliens mate, their offspring are always blue.SHOW FULL ANSWER

Which animal is native to the tundra?


The answerto this question is a polar bear.

There are many animals that live in and are native to the tundra. Some of these animals includecaribou,Ermine, water birds, mosquitoes,polar bears,arctic fox, white wolves, grizzly bears, grayfalcons, bald eagles, bumble bees, squirrels, Norwaylemmings, shrew, and voles.

Which of the following is a source of genetic variation in sexually-reproducing organisms? A. meiosis B. translation C. mitosis D. all of these


The answer is A. meiosis

Answer: Yeah its A. meiosis

Explanation: In sexually-reproducing organisms, meiosis helps contribute to genetic variation. Meiosis is the process by which sexually-reproducing organisms produce gametes, or sex cells. Meiosis produces gametes that are unique from each other and from the "parent genome". The gametes will be passed on to future offspring.

Explain how the failure to regulate detrimental practices on private property might have widespread negative environmental consequences on public lands.


The environmental effects of harmful practices on private property are not essentially restricted to private property, it can also affect public property. Water polluted on private property might stream down into a local river or an aquifer used for public purposes like drinking water or for recreational parks (swimming pools). Landowners who slaughter travelling animals on their property are putting an end to creatures that are part of a bigger ecosystem; the loss of these animals will affect all the ecosystems along the migration route.


The failure to regulate detrimental practices on private property might have negative widespread environmental consequences on public lands because of its not limited, it can also pollute water, and animals.


In general compared to burning fossil fuel by combustion, using renewable option like solar, hydroelectric and geothermal energy to produce electricity will


D) Generate less waste and have a smaller environmental impact

Not release carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and therefore do not contribute to the global warming

The lion's scientific name is Panthera leo. The leopard's scientific name is Panthera pardus . The tiger's is Panthera tigris. Which statement is true? A)
All 3 animals share a genus.

All 3 animals share a species.

The 3 animals are genetically identical.

The 3 animals share no genetic information.


IT would most likely be A.

The answer to this question will be letter A

The process that allows for genetic diversity in population is Sexual reproduction
Asexual reproduction


The answer is sexual reproduction.

Sexual reproduction is correct

All the members of specific species that live in an area are A habitat
A population


All the members of a specific species that live in an area are a population.

Explain how hydrogen fuel cells work, and why they provide a healthy, clean way to produce heat and electricity.


Hydrogen gas is supplied to the anode of the fuel cell. The anode is coated with platinum, which acts as a catalyst to break down the hydrogen into protons and electrons. If a circuit is connected between the anode and cathode then the electrons can travel through the circuit and provide power to any load that is connected as part of the circuit. Hydrogen does not occur naturally in the environment, hydrogen fuel must be derived from other substances that contain hydrogen such asmethanol, gasoline, natural gas, and water. Most hydrogen that is produced today comes from natural gas. If hydrogen is made from water the only byproduct is pure water. If fossil fuels are used as the original source of hydrogen there will be more by-products, such as carbon dioxide. When hydrogen is produced from water electricity is used to split the water molecule. If that electricity comes from a renewable energy source such as wind or solar power, then the resulting hydrogen is a renewable, zero emission fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Cell is the electrochemical cell, which converts the chemical energy into fuel through a series of redox reactions. The fuel cell can be an alternate energy source for vehicles, electric equipment, and other traditional technologies.

What are the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells?

  • Hydrogen fuel cells are healthy and have very low greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The fuel has high reliability, flexibility, and improved environmental quality.
  • The fuel cells can be used to develop renewable energy resources.
  • The fuel cell converts chemical energy to produce electrical energy. If hydrogen is a fuel source, then the products will be clean water, heat, and electricity.

Thus, hydrogen fuel cells are used to produce electricity and other sources of energy.

Learn more about hydrogen fuel cells here:


True or False: The ability to process information and multi-task continues to diminish with every drink. True False


The correct answer is True- The ability to process information and multi-tasking slows down and eventually diminishes with every drink.

The part of human brain called Hippocampus which is linked with memory and storage. People who binge drinks have hippocampus which is smaller in size than the normal person because alcohol shrink hippocampus and change the neurons which alternate the size of brain cells.

Glutamate is one brain chemical which gets affected by alcohol intake which effect memory and also causes blackout condition in people.

True because drinking makes you less memory or your brain un- able to do surtion things

Explain the general process of nuclear fission. What is created from fission?


Hello! I love this question!

To begin... what is nuclear fission? Nuclear fission is a "system" in which a big nucleus separates into 2 smaller nuclei. As this happens, it also releases neutrons and energy.

So... you start with a neutron. Then you have a nucleus, which splits into smaller nuclei and a few neutrons. These neutrons then split off and hit more nuclei and this just continues on to create more and more.

Now... when looking at what is created from fission... after the whole process is complete, you are left with fragmented atoms.


above me is correct


edg 2021

If the ability to roll one’s tongue is dominant (R) and the inability to roll one’s tongue is recessive (r), what would the genotype be for someone who can not roll their tongue?


The ability to roll one's tongue is dominant character whereas inability to roll the tongue is recessive character. The recessive character is only seen when present in homozygous condition which is (rr).

What are Genes?

Genes are the unit of heredity. Genes are the sequences of DNA which contain the information about the proteins. Alleles are the different forms of a gene.

Alleles are of two types: Dominant and Recessive. Dominant alleles are the alleles which are observed in all the generations, whereas recessive character often skip generations. Dominant alleles are represented by capital letters and show their effect in homozygous and heterozygous conditions whereas recessive alleles show their presence only when present in homozygous condition.

The inability to roll the tongue is a recessive character which is only seen in the individuals with homozygous genotype (rr).

Learn more about Genes here:



Answer: The correct answer is-

Genotype for someone who can not roll their tongue would be 'rr'.

As per the information given in the question, ability of rolling tongue is a dominant trait (depicted by capital letter allele R) and inability to roll is a recessive trait (depicted by small letter allele r).

Dominant trait is the one that masks the expression of the recessive trait.

The only possible genotype for the recessive trait would be rr (homozygous recessive).

As 'Rr' and 'RR' will exhibit the genotype for dominant trait due to the presence of dominant allele 'R' (rolling of tongue).

Thus, 'rr' is the right answer.

Read the section titled “How Do We Get Natural Gas?” How do scientists determine locations for drilling for natural gas? Where are many natural gas drill sites located?


Natural gases are gases that are found deep underground. These gases have formed through billions of years by organisms that have decayed or decomposed and released natural gases. Natural gas can be obtained by drilling into a particular ground. Scientists can determine certain locationsof natural gases in several methods like studying the geology of an area, inspecting its seismic energy, as well as looking into its magnetic properties. Many natural gas sites are located in the United Arab Emirates area.

Why does sexual reproduction result in more genetic variation in a species apex?



Sexual reproduction involves the formation of offspring with the help of two parents ( a male and a female). Genetic variation occurs in case of sexually reproducing organisms as gene variants ( alleles) in reproductive cells ( gametes) are segregated and randomly fused during fertilization.

Genes also undergo genetic recombination (during crossing over in homologous chromosomes ) during meiosis ( particularly in Pachytene stage of Prophase 1).

As a result, when sex cells ( gametes such as eggs and sperms) randomly combine during fertilization to produce offspring, there is an increase in genetic variation.

Thus, sexual reproduction result in more genetic variation in a species apex.

During asexual reproduction the offspring is identical to the parent where as in sexual reproduction the chromosomes fragment and rearranged giving genetic diversity within a species.

The medical term that means an interrelationship between the mind and the body is:


The medical term that means an interrelationship between the mind and the body is connection.

Good luck!

The loss of color (coral bleaching in coral reef organisms can be a result of


Coral bleaching happens when corals overheat and expel their algae as a stress response.

What is coral bleaching?

Corals eject the symbiotic algae dwelling in their tissues, which causes them to turn entirely white, when they are stressed by changes in environment like temperature, light, or nutrients.

Coral bleaching may occur as a result of warmer water temperatures. Corals that have been bleached are more susceptible to illness, their growth is stunted.

Their ability to reproduce is compromised, and other species that depend on coral ecosystems may also be harmed. They perish from extreme bleaching.

Therefore, The loss of color (coral bleaching in coral reef organisms) can be a result of warming water temperature.

Learn more about coral bleaching here:



Hello there ^ _ ^

The loss of color(coral bleaching in coral reef organisms can be a result of loss of zooxanthellae.

Good luck!

Which molecules are needed to cut and copy segments of dna?


Recombinant DNA if that is an option

Which land biome covers the largest percentage of land?


~Hello there!

Your question:Which land biome covers the largest percentage of land?

Your answer:Desertis the land biome that covers the largest percentage of land.

Hope this helps!


Your answer would be DESERT!! GRADPOINT Good luck! ;)

Why is sympatric speciation less likely to occur than allopatric speciation?


By definition, a sympatric speciation is a biological process wherein the evolution of a certain species most likely comes from their single ancestral species. Its main difference from the allopatric speciation is that the evolution does not necessary require to be physical in nature, therefore, it is most likely to occur less frequent.

Why is it important not to make a deep cut with the scissors when dissecting an earthworm specimen?


When u are going to perform dissections , u want to be careful to not cut things that u do not see.This is why u should not make deep cuts.

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