Which Statement Describes How An Atom In The Ground State Becomes Excited (2023)

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Answer 1

Thegroundstate of an electron, the energy level it normally occupies, is the state of lowest energy for that electron. ... An electroncan become excitedif it is given extra energy, such as if it absorbs a photon, or packet of light, or collides with a nearbyatomor particle. (I do not take credit for that answer)

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How can you tell from a substance's formula if it is ionic or molecular?


Once you identify the compound asIonic,Molecular, or an Acid, follow the individual ... chemicalformulas, writewhetherthe compound isionic or molecular, and...

What is the mass number of 207Pb ? A: 289 B: 207 C: 125 D: 82


207 is the mass number. 82 would be the atomic number

Molecules that possess only London dispersion forces generally have higher melting points than those with hydrogen bonding. True or False?



The correct option is False


London dispersion forces are a part of Van Der Waal's forces acting between atoms and molecules. They are a temporary attractive force that are formed when two atoms close to each other form a temporary dipole and are hence the weakest intermolecular force of attraction. They are usually the force of attraction found between non-polar molecules.

While a hydrogen bonding a strong intermolecular force (dipole-dipole) of attraction formed as a result of the interaction between an electronegative atom (like oxygen or chlorine) and a hydrogen atom bonded to another electronegative atom (like fluorine). Since, molecules that posses hydrogen bonding have stronger intermolecular forces, they thus possess higher melting point than molecules that possess only London dispersion forces.

It is True not false ok

In the relationship between ΔG and K for a given reaction, if ΔG is negative, what is K? K is equal to 0. K is equal to 1. K is less than 1. K is greater than 1. Done


K is greater than 1. #platolivesmatter

Answer:D for plato



The bonding in metals is sometimes decribed as a "Sea of delocalise electrons" this is because the metal atoms are all regularly arranged and are surrounded in free delocalised electrons that can Flow easily between the metal nucli so therefore the answer is the second answer

Hope that helps

According to the electron sea model for metallic bonding, in the sample of metal atom all the atoms contribute their valence electrons which form a delocalized “sea” of electrons. The arrangement of metal ions is in an orderly array with this mobile sea of electrons. The metal is held together due to the attraction between sea of electrons and cations.

Hence, electrons flow easily between metal nuclei is a characteristic of the electron sea model for metallic bonding.

When is di- used in the name of a hydrocarbon? when the main chain contains two carbon atoms when there are two different substituents
when there are two main chains of equal length
when there are two identical substituents


The answer is 'when there are two identical substituents'.

D......hope it helps

Which combination of factors is most suitable for increasing the electrical conductivity of metals



A substance is able to conduct electricity if it has or contains free electrons.

This also means that larger is the atomic radius of a metal lesser will the force of attraction between its nucleus and valence electrons. As a result, it can easily lose its valence electrons.

Therefore, availability of free electrons is easy in that case.

Also, more is the number of valence electrons a metal contains more is the number of electrons participating in conducting electricity.

Thus, we can conclude that a combination of more valence electrons and larger atomic radius factors is most suitable for increasing the electrical conductivity of metals.

More valence electrons and larger atomic radius are facts most suitable for increasing the electrical conductivity of metals.

What is the Gibbs free energy? the amount of electricity that a redox reaction produces the maximum amount of energy that can be used with another process to do work the point at which the change in the reactants equals the change in the products the total number of electrons transferred in a redox reaction


Well ΔG = ΔH - ΔS * T

gibbs free energy is a measurement of the maximum amount of work that can be achieved in the system so the answer that fits best would be "The maximum amount of energy that can be used with another process to do work"
Hope that helps

hope that helps

Which of the following can be used to speed up a reaction? decreasing the average kinetic energy of the reacting particles
decreasing the concentration of the reactants
increasing the activation energy
increasing the temperature of the reactants


The answer is: [D]: "increasing the temperature of the reactants" .

Increasing the temperature of the reactants make the reaction occurs faster

A paper placed in between two books can be quickly pulled out without moving the books.which statement explains this phenomenon a.) There are no forces acting between the books and the paper. b.) The pull of gravity on the book is greater than the force of gravity on the paper. c.) The two books exert force only on each other and not on the paper. d.) The books have a great deal of inertia and do not move easily.


Answer: d.) The books have a great deal of inertia and do not move easily


Inertia is the property of a body due to its mass. A heavy object requires more force to be pushed or pulled as compared to a lighter object. Basically, due to the property of inertia, a body resists change in its motion.

In the given situation, the books are heavier as compared to the paper. A small force would pull out the paper but books being heavy would not move easily. Thus, a paper placed in between two books can be quickly pulled out without moving the books. correct option is d.

d, The books have a great deal of inertia and do not move easily.

Explain how the periodic table can help in writing electron configurations


Period : the no. of electron shells
group: the last no. of electron configuration

What causes some aqueous solutions to have a low PH?


Low pH means the solution is acidic; if the solution is acidic, that means that there are hydronium ions in solution (H3O+). For example, hydrochloric acid dissolves into H+ ions and Cl- ions, and the H+ ions rreact with water like this:
H+ + H2O --> H3O+

If you want to get mathematical, pH is defined as the negative log of the concentration of hydronium ions.
Thus, if there are a lot of hydronium ions, the solution will have a low, or acidic, pH. Hope this helps^-^

What is the empirical formula of something that is 40% sodium and 60% chlorine


We let the empirical formula for the compound compost of sodium and chlorine as NaxCly. The molar mass of the empirical equation is,
23x + 35y
The percentages,
Na: 0.40 = 23x / (23x + 35y)
Cl: 0.60 = 35y/ (23x + 35y)
The values of x and y from the equation are,
x = 1 and y = 1
Thus, the answer is that the empirical formula is NaCl.

___________, is the process by which a nucleus of an unstable atom loses energy by


The answer to this would be radioactive decay. This isalso known as "nuclear decay" or "radioactivity".

0.71 g Cu equals how many moles


Answer: 0.011 moles


According to avogadro's law, 1 mole of every substance occupies 22.4 Liters at STP and contains avogadro's number of particles.

To calculate the moles, we use the equation:

given mass = 0.71 g

Molar mass= 63.5 g

The number of moles is 0.011 moles.

The correct answer is 0.011330374846536 Hope this helps ;D

0.25 g Al equals how many moles?


0.25 g = 0.00926 Moles
Have a nice day!

0.25 g al should equal around 0.009265594867125 moles

I hope this help

Which element has a basic oxide of the type MO which is used to treat acidic soils?


Calcium oxide is the element that has a basic oxide of the type MO which is used to treat acidic soils.

Hope that helps. -UF aka Nadoa

How many oxigen are need it to produce two moleculas of water molecules


4 atoms of Oxygen are required to make 2 atoms of hydrogen. The compound H2O is 1 Hydrogen and 2 Oxygen.

What will be the product..??


The answer will be C2H4+2BrK +2O. This is a balanced end product of the above equation. The molar mass of the three end products will be 28, 119, and 15.9, respectively.

What happened when diebromoethyle reacts with alcoholic potash


When ethyl bromide is heated with alcoholic potash (alc.KOH), ethylene is formed. CH3Ch2Br + KOH → CH2=CH2 + KBr + H20 Ethyl Bromide alc. Potash ethylene potassium bromide water. Hope this helps! ;D

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